Walhalla town

last Friday which  was a public holiday (Anzac day ) in Australia, we decided to do a day trip to famous Walhalla town.

Star Hotel
Star Hotel

This town is popular  for gold-mining heritage, it features buildings that were built during the gold rush, old mines, couple of camping grounds,  mountainous terrain which is popular with hikers and 4wd drivers, trees with very bright yellow and red color leaves at this time of the year, which could make you feel that you are in Europe – just a nice and relaxing place to visit.

old gold vault
old gold vault used to hold 70 tons of gold

The plan was to go for a few walks, have some meal and coffee in town and go back to Melbourne. The weather was perfect, warm and sunny, with few cool drafts at the bottom of the town or when in shade. It taken us couple of hours to get there. The road to Omeo was a straight line freeway with not much to see which was quite boring, but after Omeo it transforms to a nice twisty road with wide sweeping corners and lots of green trees on both sides. This road is great for motorcycles, I have done it before on the way to camping grounds north of Thomson Dam. Saw few bikes in Walhalla,  but there were a lot more four wheel drives covered in mud passing through the town and stopping there for coffees.

We had some coffees and sandwiches there too at the cafe next to the “Star Hotel” .
Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 29Altogether i think we found three places that sell beverages and meals but they didn’t have much variety of food just sandwiches, pies, focaccia at one place. I was hoping for a more substantial meal like steak or something similar, actually a wood fire pizzas i think would well here, the smoke will lure in most of the tourists. Also not sure what you can have there for dinner if you decide to stay there overnight. Probably good idea to bring some snacks or easy to cook meal with you and cook it at the nearby camping grounds.

There are few tours you can do while there, you can go to the Extended Tunnel Mine tour which takes about 1 hour to complete  and runs every 1-1.5 hours. You can take a ride on the train which is also an hourly service I think.
Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 06
we didn’t go on any tours this time as we wanted to explorer everything by foot slowly, not rushing anywhere and not depend on any time schedule. We left it to the next time we visit town as we definitely want to return and possibly camp there for a night

Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 09

Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 03

Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 21

Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 23

Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 39

Walhalla 25 april 2014 - 37

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