Fuel and Water containers

As we are going to the Australian Outback where the Gas station are as frequent as polar bears in Moscow
,some OZ people actually believe its still the case – bears walks the streets and everyone just drinks litres of vodka every day to prevent the blood from freezing.
While there might be just enough petrol in the tank to get from most of points A to most of the points B. Some Gas stations only operate during certain hours of the day and there is a chance that some might run out of fuel.
I was thinking of extending my range a little, I didn’t want to pull a fuel cistern behind me so I wanted something compact and within the budget.
There are few nice cans on the web like Rotopax, they are not too expensive but I don’t have hard panniers to attach them to.While a collapsible can like a bag from the wine cask would have been good for my setup I think they are around 100$ mark and still need to wait for them to be shipped interstate which I might not have enough time for now,
so I have found really cheap solution at SuperCheap Auto 15$ 5 Litre plastic fuel can looks good, its skinner and taller then standard cans, and fits well on the passenger footpeg with 1-2 straps.
I got 1 petrol and 1 water container. Water is as rare in the Outback as petrol too. I bought a 2 litre camel backpack for that as well,but I think it would be more comfortable to carry nothing on your back







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