Day 1 Melbourne to Horsham

First day of the trip
Finally packed all the gear: cloth,food, tent,sleeping mat, sleeping bag and other camping gear.
I was a sunny warm day with temperature floating just below +20C.
Finally we took off i think it was around 5-6pm .
After we left home just couple of blocks down the road I have noticed one of my mirrors was getting lose, I would straighten it and with a bit of wind and acceleration it would fold back so we needed to stop and make a quick fix. We probably spent good 10 minutes searching for the right size allen key, I was almost ready to go back home to get it when Greg finally found it. Removing the spring washer and re-tightening it again seemed to have worked.
Next stop was in South Melbourne servo on Kings Way to get some gas,as Greg was turning into it, his front washed out, he barely saved it by putting a foot down. He had a new Pirelli Scorpion Rally knobby tyre installed on the front for the trip and haven’t scrubbed it in yet.
Next fill up was in Ballarat, temperature dropped significantly ,we were freezing , the hands and the whole body was freezing.
I went around the back of the servo and put the the thermals on. The servo assistant started cracking up some jokes about Horsham as soon as he found out we are heading that way.
Next hour and half was reasonably boring ride in the dark to Horsham.
We got there probably around 9-10pm. We stopped overnight at my brother in-law’s home. Had some food , drink and went to sleep. That was the end of the first day with total distance covered only around 316kms (technically i think we only rode for an hour in daylight).


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