Choosing boots

Last week of preparations before the trip to Flinders Ranger and the Australian Outback
This weekend I have been running around between bike shops, Bunnings,Masters, Jaycar and SuperCheap Auto.
One of the items on the shopping list was the adventure boots which would offer more protection then my city riding AlpineStar Touring boots but also wanted something reasonably comfortable.
after searching around ,a bit of research ,and trying few boots, Forma adventure boots looked like the best choice. They much comfier then standard off road boots , comfier then couple of other brands boots I have tried,
still offer good protection,
they are waterproof, they dont feel like ski boots ,you can still walk in them like normal hiking shoes and not bunny hop like Armstrong on the moon , the sole is similar to the hiking boots , so it wont slip in a mud, sand or wet grass,
as oppose to some AlpineStar boots i have seen which had flat sole, and with RRP price of 350$ they are 50% cheaper then Alpinestar or SIDIs which go for around 600-650 at PeterStevens.
I have spent few hours at A1 store deciding what size to get – 41 or 42. 42 was a bit lose with normal sock but fits ok with hiking sock and makes walking easier(still a bit of movement around the heel).
41 fits all-right with thin socks but big toe touch the front of the boot, and starts pushing against the wall during walking, but sitting on the bike is fine.
so been trying them on and off few times and decided to for the 41s after trying them with thicker sock, which sort of fixed the problem of toe touching the toecap
yes this boots have a bit of toecap,not sure if its metal,plastic or just hardened leather, my touring boots dont have it, and maybe the toecap is actually the cause of this discomfort
when I was choosing hiking boots I also found the Catterpillar boots uncomfortable in that area with them having the toecaps,
so opted out for the ECCOs at that time. I love ECCOs,I have 4 pairs of different kinds, the most comfortable shoes, can recommend anyday ,
and none of them had any issues over the years.I have had some for about 9 years , I wish they did motorcycle boots ,
as they would be the most comfortable motorcycle boots.
sidetracked a little here, so I got the 41s with the hope of them stretching and moulding to my feet a little
here is the picture of them , side by side with touring shoes:

Friend of mine has the same boots and used them on couple of trips to outback in NT and back
where he tested them in river crossings and a fall in a soft sand, where he said his bike fell on him , yeah not him falling off the bike .
sort of like jockey been thrown by the grumpy horse over the barrier, and then because his leg was stuck in between the bike or foot-peg
and the panniers he pulled his bike along during the flight, so when he landed on sand , his bike landed on top oh him ,
he was twisted like a pretzel but the boot kept the foot straight and protected from twisting and pulling the muscles or whatever that can be pulled
and my road boots they are quit soft, fit like a sock but also can rotate around a little like a sock too.
so here are some of the reasons I decided to go with Formas. Will probably also write a report on them ,how they performed on the trip


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