BMW R1200GS 2004 test ride

I had taken a 2004 model of R1200GS for test ride, It looked nice and I wanted to buy it.

it felt heavy, gearbox clunkier. it has dry clutch so have to switch to neutral all the time as you  cannot hold clutch in otherwise it can burn clutch quickly

And gear shifting 1st to neutral not accurate and sitting in traffic or stop and go traffic too difficult to gear shift all the time .

  1. when you are stopped already you need to shift Neutral into 1st,
  2. then switch position to have right foot on the break ,
  3. ride for 3 meters then stop . With left foot on the ground , right foot on the rear break to have control of the bike , if you use front break that’s too aggressive for low speed stops
  4. then switch position right foot on the ground left on the gear lever and right arm on front break.
  5.  shift 1st into N again.

where with wet clutch you can leave your right foot on foot break and in 1st gear no need to shift back and forward into 1-N and just hold clutch in. might need to test the water cooled GS as it has wet clutch.

on the  highway it was very buffety even with very large tall screen it had.
It’s ok bike very different but not better to switch from versys
And my versys accelerates quicker I think

You can feel 1200 has a lot more moving metal parts
When I accelerated on fwy It felt like you are sitting on big coffee grinder or a bag of spanners.

Also when you rev bike leans to the right a little, which you can get used to, can be used as a party trick.

people say it has character. yes i does have some character but for commuting i think its too much of a hassle especially on Nepean Hwy in Melbourne and stop and go traffic. It would be all right if you spend 90% of the time on highways.

I was bit disappointed with that example, I had higher expectations from it. Maybe it was just old.

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