Muffler dent repair

During last road trip I dented the muffler in one of the big long pot hole at high speed. Suspension got compressed and clearance got reduced. There was a bit of noise but I didn’t even notice the dint until few days later. So my speculation is it was the pothole.
I thought I would need a new muffler or need to take it to a specialist to fix but after talking to one of the guys at bike shop he said that you can do it yourself. So I decided to try it.
First I have drilled out all the rivets from the muffler. You need a corded drill to make it easier. Cordless drill battery will die after one rivet and it takes a lot longer to drill one, so save time and borrow corded drill from someone. Then removed all the internals, the cone shaped mesh pipe and  insulator thing which I think is similar to pink bats insulator and has some sort of crushed glass or something similar, makes your skin and eyes itchy. So beware and wear the gloves probably tough rubber gloves which you could through away later. I had to wash the leather gloves in soap to get rid of the itchy dust.

Also try not to inhale that dust either might not be very healthy.

You need to open the can from both ends to make working on it easier. You don’t have to cut it in the middle. I was using thicker pipes and small heavy items to roll and bang it into the proper shape.

After it was more or less of a desired shape. I sanded it with the coarse sandpaper first longwise not across and finished with the finer sandpaper in the end. It worked out to be even better color then it was before. I prefer the brushed aluminum color more then shiny reflective stainless steel.

When assembling it back try to distribute the insulator evenly around the mesh pipe.

After you put both caps on both ends of the muffler on you can rivet it back. I have ran out of the correct size rivets half way. I  was at the Bunnings Warehouse today and didn’t know that the other rivets I had were too small. Now I have to install it so that I can ride it to work in the morning and then take it off again tomorrow and finish riveting.
I have assembled everything late in the evening and decided to test it. Sounds a little different , it’s leaking air in connection to the main pipe, not sitting all the way in,  sounds more like Harley now :). Wellwill fix it tommorrow after I get more rivets .

Next day I removed it again, installed the missing rivets and reinstalled it back on the bike. Made sure all the connections to the main pipe were tight so that it didn’t leak any exhaust. As during  the morning ride I have noticed its not that its making more noise but also stinks when you sit at the intersection. So that was in my best interest to make it proper.

Next day test rode again and all was good.







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