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Dainese leather pelle jacket and pants review

Dainese leather 2 piece suit review

The quality:
I have recently bought a Dainese 2 piece leather suit touring style(pants don’t have the knee sliders).
I have worn it for 2 days and seams started to come apart in some areas and threads sticking out both on the pants and the jacket as can be seen in the photos.
I had taken it back to the shop (Peter Stevens) they didn’t want to exchange it for another one.
They told me they will send the suit to their supplier and let them decide if they going to repair it or replace.
I was quite unhappy , paid close to 1500$ for the set and that gear is supposed to withstand and hold up to strong abrasion during accident etc and still not come apart.
Was not expecting it to come apart from half an hour commute and was expecting a full replacement or full refund on the spot as it was within couple of days of the purchase date.
Eventually after sending them few emails , make few phone-calls etc I got it replaced after about a week.The jacket is made in Ukraine and pants are made in Romania.
Not sure if the country of origin lets down on the quality of the stitches, the leather itself feels quite nice and of good quality.
How it felt:
I tried it on a 25 degree Celsius day , In the morning it was still fresh so I didnt notice any discomfort. On the way back from work it was very humid, was about to start raining and I put the rain over coat on.
It got quite sweaty very quickly. it started to drizzle, the leather pants were exposed to rain, but didn’t get soaked or even wet at all,
Also in the rain my butt was sliding in the seat back and forward during breaking and acceleration because the leather material on the pants is smooth all around.
My textile suits don’t do that, my RST Outlast pants have faux nubuk patch in that area that prevents from sliding in the seat
and RST Ventilator suit has some rough vinyl anti-slip patches sewed on at the back too.
In the last 5 minutes before home, when the rain stopped they dried up pretty quickly so when I got home and taken them off
they were more damp inside from sweating rather then outside from rain.
as I got home and swapped into RST outlast textile and went to visit a friend , it was still around 22 Celsius when it started to rain heavier.
you could feel the jacket started to cool down a little from all the water robbing off some heat , and working as the evaporative cooler
So both textile and leather suits felt similar in such temperature but you get hotter in leather suit when it rains and you have to wear rain coat on top of it.


this morning was around 12 Celsius. It felt a little bit cold, so decided to use thermals under the leather
thermal pants and thermal shirt from ALDI no other layers .
it felt good , I didn’t feel too cold or too hot,was about right,
I only felt light breeze around the armpits, where jacket has fabric/textile patches instead of leather.
It also an area which is less or not protected by the windscreen and all the buffeting and turbulence hits right around the shoulder area.
the speeds I was doing up to 80kms/h sprints between traffic lights for 14kms and then sprints up to 40-60kmh for another 6kms with couple of minutes stops at few traffic lights
I also used a neckwarmer, which kept my neck warm and reduced wind buffeting noise in my ears
I think if temperature drops by another 5 degrees I would need to wear another layer under my jacket a merino thin jumper
or at these temps 12-14 but at speeds 100-110kmh I think I would wear merino jumper or wind proof thin layer also from ALDI
also depends if its a sunny day or not, on a sunny day it feel 3-5 degrees warmer.
another day another morning it was about 16-17 Celsius I was wearing just synthetic t-shirt under the leathers.
in 45-50 minutes riding in stop and go traffic, the back got a bit sweaty, t-shirt was moist but not soaked as yesterdays cotton t-shirt.
at continues speeds of 80kmh and above there should be enough ventilation not to get cooked , but as soon as you stop for couple of minutes you start sweating.

lately I have been using the leather suit at morning temperatures 9-11celcius with a thermal shirt or normal synthetic t-shirt and
it felt fresh but not too cold. Maybe I got used to it now.