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BMW Dealer Service Doncaster

I have just bought a used BMW F800GS  from Doncaster dealership.
The bike was serviced at their workshop before it was sold. It was serviced couple of days before the sale according to the stamp in the book.

I was trying to familiarise with the bike straight away and first thing was to check the oil level when I got it. When I did I could not tell whether oil level was correct or not as dipstick was all oily all the time. Checked the manual and forums on how to do it , tried every method, I have tried measuring it with the centre stand /sidestand on or without, still without any luck.
So to be on the safe side and to remove any doubts I have decided to drain and replace oil.

I have drained 3.5 litres of oil from the sump which was supposed to be only 2.9 according to the manual.
I have put 2.9 litres of new oil and changed the oil filter. Checked again and dipstick is showing now between middle and maximum mark just after the change and after short ride which I was expecting to see during my first check. On the hot day after long ride its showing 3 quarters full on centre stand.

That is 600ml over the oil capacity stated in the book. I have sent a letter to the dealer describing the issue and they said that they put only 3 litters there according to their invoices.

Must have been an apprentice performing the oil change job or someone topped it up just before bike was sold during the pre-sales check.

That was very disappointing experience for me and very poor quality of service on the dealer side.
I don’t know if I can trust their workshop to service my BMW car or BMW bike in the future.

My recommendation is to do the service yourself or rely on unreliable workmanship at the dealerships. I have heard similar stories about services at Peter Stevens workshops too. You have been warned now.